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Enter the creative magic of Manufacture Arribas.

The Manufacture Arribas is open during château opening hours. Master glassmakers work in front of you.

Get up close to the heat of the melting furnace and enjoy the creative magic that happens here.

The master glassmakers create licensed items (Disney, Warner...) before your very eyes, as well as their own creations, which you can find in the boutique. With their wealth of experience, they can also carry out custom orders, so don't hesitate to ask them (interior decoration, glass products to communicate your company with mugs, medals, trophies...!

The glassmaking workshops are located outside the château, in a series of gazebos, each with its own specific features. The workshops are divided into sub-areas:

- For hot glassmaking, the largest of our gazebos is dedicated to cane-blowing (to create vases, lighting fixtures, goblets, etc.). Séraphim, our master glassblower, awaits you from Wednesday to Sunday for a series of discovery workshops... Playful and instructive, he will teach you the first steps of glassblowing..

- The second gloriette is used for blow-molding. It's a space dedicated to the creation of glass figurines and beads.
- The engraving gazebo is used for polishing pieces. It's also a space for customizing products. The space is also shared with a plate engraving workshop..

- This is where you can learn the sandblasting technique. You can personalize all types of glass products (mugs, glass cups, champagne flutes) in the form of a workshop. Decorative frieze, you can also ask us to create your own design or company logo.

- Finally, the last large complex, comprising 3 gazebos, is home to our "hand-made" sandblasting production. It's also a place to glue our glass figurines..

Groups are welcome to book a guided tour of the glassworks and château. A snack can be arranged at the end of the tour. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our tour guide Valérie, with over 30 years' experience in the commune, will tell you many anecdotes about the château and its various settings..

Glass workshops

Push open the doors of our workshops, learn the skills and leave with your own creation.

Take part in one of our creative engraving, glassblowing and sandblasting make up these discovery workshops.
Our craftsmen will guide you step by step through the creative process.

Treat yourself to an exceptional moment at the Manufacture Arribas.